Best Science Fiction Movie ever!

  1. Hey PF..

    What do you think is the best Science Fiction movie(s) ever?

    Thanks :)
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  3. Contact and Jurassic Park
  4. what's Contact about?
  5. Evo

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    The Day the Earth Stood Still - Klaatu barada nikto :approve:
  6. Speaking of Contact, why couldn't they just send another guy through the machine again?
  7. I like star wars.
  8. Garth

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    That would be too easy, but ever heard of 'Sequels'?

  9. Back to the Future, because it actually had a plot.

    Most movies today are crap.
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  10. anyone seen Doctor Strangelove
  11. Great movie, though it's more political/comedic than scientific.
  12. turbo

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    Dune was very good, considering the huge volume of information they had to try to convey in one sitting. The original Star Wars was ground-breaking in special effects. Contact was very good - one of the more cerebral efforts.
  13. all right.. I once saw a really cool sci-fi movie.. Think it was called Red Dust or Red Planet.. This astronaut ends up at a beautiful beach on some foreign planet, after going through a wormhole, I think.
  14. Kurdt

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    Total Recall wasn't bad as a sci-fi action movie. I second back to the future and might throw in star trek 4.
  15. radou

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    Probably ET.
  16. I saw some of the star trek movie and it was good.
  17. berkeman

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    There's a comprehensive list of Sci Fi films at

    My favorites from the list:

    1956 -- Forbidden Planet (it used to play almost non-stop on the cable channels)

    1960 -- The Time Machine

    1968 -- 2001 A Space Odyssey

    1971 -- The Andromeda Strain

    1977 -- Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    1980 -- Altered States

    1983 -- Brainstorm

    1985 -- Real Genius (hey, it's on the wiki list -- not much SciFi, though. Pretty accurate account of my undergrad.)

    1996 -- Mars Attacks! ("It's not unusual....")

    2000 -- Red Planet

    2004 -- Alien Versus Predator (sequel is due out later this year!)
  18. Ivan Seeking

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    About the same as my list... I'd lose Alien vs Predator and add Metropolis.
  19. Iin their day The Omega Man and the first Planet of the Apes film were excellent. From the later genre I liked Independence Day.
  20. Chi Meson

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    Oh I saw that one! Every living animal on the planet disappeared except for those who were momentarily dead when the ...whatever... happened.

    I still think "Outland" holds up well after 20 years.
  21. Does Urotsukidoji count as sci-fi?
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