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Best second introduction to Mehanics?

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    For a first introduction, I remember a lot of you suggested An introduction to mechanics [by] Daniel Kleppner [and] Robert J. Kolenkow. But what about a second introduction with Lagrangian and Hamiltonians? I think I have heard of books like that by Goldstein and Ayra but they don't have answer at the back of the book. Anyone recommend a book that have many answers and is not too advanced.
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    https://www.amazon.com/dp/0486696901/?tag=pfamazon01-20 by Greenwood has "answers to selected problems".

    Landau & Lifschitz has some useful worked problems, but the book is at a pretty high level. Goldstein accuses them of handwaving a lot, but I prefer to think of their arguments as elegantly concise, at least when I can follow them.

    There used to be a Schaum's Outline on Theoretical Mechanics by Spiegel (one of the better Schaum's writers). I don't know how this differed from the current Schaum's on Langragian Dynamics by a different guy. Check out some of http://www.bookfinder4u.com/OutOfPr...sher=&isbn=&binding=&dj=&fe=&sg=&currency=USD. Pretty silly for a book printed on cheap pulp.
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    Marion (I think the title is Classical Dynamics) covers the material you are looking for, and most of that in Goldstein, at an advanced undergrad level. His book has been a standard for 3 or 4 generations of students. Any edition from 2nd onwards should work well for you.
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