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Best study material for old english

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    Old English fascinates me but finding material on the net is difficult, any one have an idea where to find Old English script?
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    Old English SCRIPT, the real deal, mothholes and all, would be even more difficult to learn from, wouldn't it? :smile:
    Perhaps an Old English-English dictionary is what you need?
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    There are several translations of Beowulf that have the Old English side-by-side the modern English (such as on the opposite page). Here is an example
    (Click image to "Look-Inside")*

    Of course the script in such a book is typeset like modern print, not exactly an image of the original ink on parchment. But for studying Old English, I'm told Beowulf is the gold standard.

    *(I have not read this translation nor am I endorsing it. I'm just using it as an example.)
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