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Best Way to Convert LPG or Kerosene to Electricity?

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    I'm just wondering if there are more efficient ways of generating electricity from fuel sources such as lpg and kerosene that are more efficient than thermophotovoltaics, thermoelectrics, and heat engines like stirling & steam.

    Would it be a fuel cell such as this?
    Also, what type of fuel cell technology does it use to generate the electricity?

    Fuel cells come under Chemical Engineering don't they? If not, please move to correct section.
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    If you are looking for high efficiency in the conversion, then a turbine generator may be your best bet:

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    In theory fuel cells should be better than any "mechanical" solutions. But we are not there yet.
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    If you had to take a guess, how efficient would you say that Nectar fuel cell is?
    I can't seem to find the right numbers to work out efficiency because they say:

    55,000 mW-hours of energy in a single nectar™ pod (>10 recharges of a typical smart phone per nectar™ pod)
    nectar pod volume: ~55cc
    nectar pod weight: ~35g

    but you can't work out efficiency without knowing how much butane is actually in the refill can you?
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