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Biggest maths fraud in history

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    Colin leslie dean points out that Godel theorem is the biggest fraud in
    mathematical history
    everything dean has shown was known at the time godel did his proof but no
    one meantioned any of it ie Godels theorem is invalid as it uses invalid
    axioms ie axiom of reducibility

    http://gamahucherpress.yellowgum.com/books/philosophy/GODEL5.pdf" [Broken]

    godel used the 2nd ed of PM he says

    note he says he is going to use AR
    Russell following wittgenstien took it out of the 2nd ed due to it being
    invalid NOTE it was not in the 2nd ed which godel used
    godel would have know that
    russell and wittgenstien new godel used it but said nothing
    ramsey points out AR is invalid before godel did his proof
    godel would have know ramseys arguments
    ramsey would have known godel used AR but said nothing

    every one knew AR was invalid
    they all knew godel used it
    but nooooooooooooo one said -or has said anything for 76 years untill
    the theorem is a fraud the way godel presents it in his proof it is crap
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    It this a poem?
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    The author appears to be trying to push a thesis that all views are meaningless -- apparently by example, since the paper is an incohesive string of quoted passages, intermixed with the author's misunderstanding of mathematical foundations.

    The opening poster appears to be taking it a step further and is trying to start a conspiracy theory.

    Of course, this being a mathematics forum (and neither a psychology forum, pseudomathematics forum, nor a conspiracy theory forum), it does not belong here. Thread closed.
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