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Biomed, Mining, and Petro Engineering Differences

  1. Aug 15, 2012 #1
    Hey, I've been thinking about my future lately, as a senior in high school. I definitely want to become an engineer, but not sure what type. My scope of field I want to join varies as you can see. I like earth sciences quite a bit, so I thought of mining and petro engineering, but from what I have read "family" and those fields don't mix too well.
    I guess I just want to know some major differences, you know, why I'd aim for those specific degrees rather than an electrical or mechanical degree.
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    Let's start by understanding that mechanical engineering is much broader than petro. or mining engineering. You can apply mech. engineering in both of these. As for electrical engineering, it is such a common job that in some countries it is simply not required. Personally I believe that an electrical engineer doesn't earn much.

    Between petro. engineering and mining engineering, you should select mining engineering because either oil and gas are soon going to end or scientists will find an alternative source of energy and the petroleum industry will slump down. The advantage of mining engineering is that it is always required and the mining industry is quite stable.

    I think that when you go to university you can do mining engineering as a major and mech. or petro. engineering as a minor.

    If you choose to do mining engineering I would recommend you to consider going to these universities:

    US - Colorado School of Mines and Stanford University
    Canada - McGill University, University of British Columbia and University of Alberta
    UK - Cambridge University and University of Oxford
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    Miner, that post was from 4 years ago, when he was about to enter college, he's graduated by now. Please pay attention to dates. :smile:
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