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Bit of confusion with coils and electromagnetic induction

  1. Jun 8, 2012 #1
    Apparently for emf to be induced in a coil, the magnetic field (or part of it) has to act along the normal to the coil face. So does this mean that the coil moves side-ways through the magnetic field? where instead of moving through its length (its longer side), it moves through the coil face width. I've attached a picture below to show what I mean by this.

    It says in my book as well, that 'When the coil is completely in the field, the flux linkage does not change, so the induced emf is zero. So does this mean that in my diagram below, as soon as the coil has fully in between those two magnets, induced emf stops completely? - even if the coil continues to move up/down within the magnetic field?

    (by the way, the picture is from a bird's eye view)

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    hi curiousjoe94! :smile:
    if the magnetic field is uniform and constant, yes …

    unless the coil rotates, the flux through it cannot change, and the induced emf is zero
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