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Blance the chemical by algebric method ?

  1. Mar 9, 2010 #1
    Hi all

    i wan check my answer

    Blance the chemical by algebric method ?

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    where are you ??
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    I don't think anyone can understand your question.

    Balancing an equation does'nt mean re-writing it with a,b,c
    It simply means you need to have the same number of each atom on the left and right.

    Write the equation here and we will check it.

    ps. People here are in all timezones, but most of the answers come from europe/USA so consider what tiem it is there
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    From what I can see (your writing is fairly small on the scan), all looks well. Could you consider writing it out, so that things like the search function may work more effectively here.
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    Actually, there's a mistake in it, just at the part where you eventually calculate "e". Everything else is correct, but incredibly difficult to read.

    You should notice that you have an error when you count H atoms or O atoms in your final equation.
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