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Bold font in latex

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    [tex] \mathbf{\mu}[/tex]

    What is used to execute latex on this website? When I type that into TeXnic center and compile it without MikTex, it is not bold on my computer.
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    For some reason, latex doesn't really like making greek letters bold. A workaround I found (which is a little annoying, but at least it works) is to use something like \mbox{\boldmath${\pi}$} if in a math environment.

    I don't know what is used on the website.
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    Use \mathbf in math mode.

    \mu versus \mathbf\mu [tex]\mu\;\mathbf\mu[/tex]

    One drawback of mathbf: Its not in italics.

    a versus \mathbf a [tex]a\;\mathbf a[/tex]

    If you have the AMS math package (\usepackage{amssymb,amsmath}), \boldsymbol puts things in bold italics.

    \mu versus \mathbf\mu versus \boldsymbol\mu [tex]\mu\;\mathbf\mu\;\boldsymbol\mu[/tex]
    a versus \mathbf a versus \boldsymbol a [tex]a\;\mathbf a\;\boldsymbol a[/tex]
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    Whilst that seems to work on the forum, it doesn't work for me (or, it seems, for the OP) hence why I had to find a workaround. The method you list below works fine!

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    D H

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    I generally use \boldsymbol. Hmm, actually, I don't, at least not directly. I generally use macros for matrices and vectors, and those in turn use \boldsymbol. That way if someone tells me to use arrows for vectors I just have to change my vector macro.
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    you have to use the package{bm}. Then inside math environment type Greek letters as {\bm \alpha}, {\bm \beta}, etc...



    $ {\bm beta} = {\bm \ alpha} {\bf \gamma} $
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    thanks...DH post was very useful!
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