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Geometry Book for learning properties of triangle and circle

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    Can you suggest a book that discusses properties of triangles and circles? (Like properties and theorems on circumcircle, excircle, nine point circle, etc).

    Most of the geometry books are either to basic or too advanced. I have read a book on complex numbers by Liang Shin Hahn. But the geometry part in it is less and not much theorems are specified.
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    Why not read the first few books of Euclid's Elements? The book was a standard to many brilliant mathematicians and physicists in history. It is still very readable and beautiful. Complement it with a book like Hartshorne's Geometry: Euclid and beyond. https://www.amazon.com/Geometry-Euclid-Beyond-Undergraduate-Mathematics/dp/0387986502

    No matter what book on triangles and circles you'll choose, they're all included in Euclid and Hartshorne anyway.

    See my self-study guide on geometry for more information: https://www.physicsforums.com/insights/self-study-geometry-part-pure-geometry/
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    Link doesn't work for some reason, but this one does: https://www.amazon.com/Euclids-Elements-Euclid/dp/1888009195
    Heath is a very good translation to Euclid with a lot of nice commentary.

    Allow me to post some alternatives to Heath, from my insight article:

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