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Book on probability theory

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    i have to study following topics in probability theorem and iam totally a beginner so please suggest me a book
    Probability, conditional probability, random variables, Expected Value, Specific discrete and continuous distributions, e.g. binomial, Poisson, geometric, Pascal, hypergeometric, Uniform, exponential and normal, Poisson process, Multidimensional random variables, Multinomial and bivariate normal distributions, Moment generating function, Law of large numbers and central limit theorem, Sampling distributions, Point and interval estimation, Testing of hypothesis, Goodness of fit and contingency tables. Linear regression.
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    Hogg McKean and Craig Intro to Math Stat
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    thanks for help rochfor 1
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    might be round about, but
    probability for risk management, edition 1 or 2

    has just about ALL those topics listed and i learned very well from it, I prefer to learn from application so this was great for me (still provides same foundation as traditional stats/prob book)....this book is used to study/learn for exam 1p for actuarial exam set.

    check it out a your library if possible,
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