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Book Reccomendation? -- The Quantum World-Quantum Physics for Everyone

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    I was wondering if this book by Kenneth W. Ford is worth reading just to get a general idea of some of the concepts of Quantum Physics. Skimming it, it seems fairly understandable, I'm worried about forming misconceptions...If anyone has any insight, I'd really appreciate it!
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    It is one thing to understand quantum theory (which is what @vanhees71 is talking about) and another to get a general idea of some of the concepts of quantum theory (which is what @timeuntotime is talking about). If one is not good in math and/or is satisfied with achieving only the latter, then a popular-science book without math is not a bad idea.

    I haven't seen the book by Ford above, but I can tell that there are good popular books on QM. For instance, I like
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    Thank you both for the suggestions!
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