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Book recommendations for understanding this sub-forum?

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    i know that i can just ahng around in this sub-forum and learn stuff, but unforutnatly, i don't really have internet access often, so, i'm finding bookS that would give me a good and in-depth knowledge on high energy, nuclear, and particle physics. stuff like, optics, nuclear fusion reactors, quantum mechanics, quantum information, etc...
    i know it would be loads of books, but i'm up for it, just don't give me 20 book, on the same topic....
    i think i know enough maths, of course, i don't know most of the special alphabet, but i cleared both reletivities in 1 month, so that's how much my maths is,
    but i really would like to get, and understnad the frontier of physics, and be able to do something about it, so please help?
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    1-The Fabric of the Cosmos
    2- The Grand Design
    3-The Elegant Universe
    4-A Brief History of Time
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    I am not able to understand what books are you looking for....
    Books about particle and nuclear physics?
    Then for particle physics, and in some order of difficulty [in my personal opinion]:
    1. D.Griffiths- Introduction to Elementary Particles
    2. D.H. Perkins- Introduction to High Energy Physics [has more information on experimental stuff]
    3. Halzen & Martin- Quarks and Leptons
    4. Bjorken & Drell - Relativistic Quantum Mechanics
    5. Peskin & Schroeder - an introduction to quantum field theory
    6. Srednicki - quantum field theory
    7. Cheng & Li - gauge theory of elementary particles
    8. Weinberg-The Quantum Theory of Fields
    9. Georgi- Lie Algebras in Particle Physics

    1-2 are good choices for an undegrad, 3 and maybe 4 can be considered as a good step between an undegrad and a grad student who is interested on the topic of particle physics, and 5-9 are in case you are interested in graduate literature on the topic. Apart from the maths of Special relativity, in order to be able to understand things in elementary particles deeper, I'd suggest you to study Group Theory and Complex Analysis.
    So I guess it's up to you to decide.

    For QM again you can try the well known literature:
    1. D. Griffiths- Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
    2. Gasiorowicz - Quantum Physics
    3. L.E. Balentine-Quantum Mechanics: A Modern Development
    4. J.J. Sakurai- Modern quantum mechanics

    again 1+2 can go together, 3+4 are mainly for people interested more in this topic and its foundation...

    For nuclear physics I am not an expert, but if I recall well, a nice book that I had come across for my courses in Nuclear Physics was:
    C.A. Bertulani- Nuclear physics in a Nutshell.
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    For nuclear physics, the classic go-to text is Krane - Introductory Nuclear Physics. It's getting rather old now, but there's yet to be a better introductory nuclear physics text.
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