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Citizen's Briefing Book is a compilation book of recommendations made to President Barack Obama by visitors to the Change.gov website, given to the President after his January 20, 2009 inauguration. Internet users were able to post recommendations of changes they would like to see made in the United States, and they were also able to vote on other users' recommendations, as well as participate in a comment process.
The Minnesota-based company called Magnet 360 helped develop the functionality, using technology from Salesforce.com. Co-chair of the Obama-Biden Transition Team, Valerie Jarrett, stated that the Citizen's Briefing Book was a way for the Obama transition process to remain open and transparent. Popular recommendations included ending the prohibition on marijuana use in the United States and the legalization of online poker. Citizen's Briefing Book received positive comments from writers for The Christian Science Monitor and Business Week, and criticism from writers for Chicago Tribune and Indianapolis Business Journal.

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  1. A

    Intro Physics Book Recommendations For a 13 Year Old

    I have a thirteen-year-old daughter, and I would like to give her a book as an introduction to the world of physics. Could you recommend something you consider the best? Unfortunately, I can't describe her as someone who is bright. I would say it's more like 'like father, like daughter.'...
  2. Philip551

    Looking for resources to help me understand the basics of PDEs for physics

    TL;DR Summary: I am taking a math methods course this semester of which a large part are PDEs. I don't understand the context behind the order in which we are solving PDEs. I am interested in learning how other people were taught PDEs and any book recommendations you might have. I am taking a...
  3. V

    Intro Physics Beginner friendly mathematical physics book

    Hello, Which is the best beginner friendly mathematical physics book that can help me understand undergraduate physics? I'm self teaching myself from the videos. Right now I've learnt upto higher school mathematics(trigonometry, calculus, vector algebra and matrices).
  4. Mr X

    Other What are some recommended books for preparing for the ISI entrance exam?

    I'm just done with 12th and I would like to prepare for the bmath entrance exam for ISI. I need some books to prepare and build the basics. So considering there's approximately an year to prepare, please give some good book suggestions that are not too rare and too hard to find in bookstores...
  5. V9999

    Book recommendations about singular points of algebraic curves

    I'm not quite sure if this is an appropriate question in this forum, but here is the situation. I have just finished my graduate studies. Now, I want to explore algebraic geometry. Precisely, I am interested in the following topics: Singular points of algebraic curves; General methods employed...
  6. M

    Physics Book Recommendations for Self-Study at Undergraduate Level?

    TL;DR Summary: Physics book recommendation Hi everyone, I just found this site and I'm thankful for that. I want to study Physics as a pure science but in my city there is no bachelors degree, so I want to study by myself if it's possible. I just don't know where to start or what books should...
  7. yucheng

    A How are quantum optical experiments designed? ;)

    inspiration: How does one predict the effects of small modifications (ordering of optical devices etc)? https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/the-experiment-of-kim-et-al-1999-with-small-modification.1047803/ In chapter 5 and 6 of A Guide to Experiments in Quantum Optics, the authors deal with...
  8. P

    Book recommendations: Abstract Algebra for self-study

    Hello, I am looking for one or more books in combination for self-study of abstract algebra. Desirable would be a good structure of the book with good examples of sentences and definitions. Of course, exercise problems should not be missing. I am now almost tending to buy the Algebra 0 book by...
  9. A

    Book recommendations (abstract algebra and number theory)

    Hi, For an engineer who graduated and finished typical Cal A,B,C + Linear Algebra + ODE, what book do you recommend to start reading to be a transition to advanced pure math subjects like abstract algebra and number theory? I did deep google search & concluded that that book supposed to include...
  10. N

    Please recommend a free pdf book about university-level mathematics for me

    Homework Statement:: Recommend PDF books Relevant Equations:: . Hi, I'm a second-year physics student and my uni doesn't have any study material in the syllabus. Only lectures. I want to learn more. Can you recommend to me a good mathematics pdf book that is about calculus? General topics...
  11. H

    Calculus Differential Equations book recommendations

    I ordered Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problem ( Computing and Modelling) by Edwards and Penney. There are several things in the book which I don't like Too much focus is given to modelling, almost every topic is explained not from mathematical point of view but from application...
  12. MidgetDwarf

    Studying Book recommendations to start learning programming for project Euler

    I do not know much about programming. I have used Mathematica, and some Python in the past for very specific problems. Any book recommendations for one wanting to learn programming in order to solve problems from Project Euler. I am familiar with number theory, but not with programming.
  13. T

    I Need Calculus Book Recommendations please

    Summary:: What calculus books do you recommend? Does Thomas Calculus include all the calculus topics? Hi! I'm a 10th grader and preparing for physics olympiads. I'm planning to learn calculus this summer, i self learned prior required topics before calculus (trigonometry, logarithm etc.) ...
  14. A

    Quantum Need book recommendations for Quantum Chem/Nanomaterials

    I am trying to learn about quantum chemistry for the purpose of understanding electronic structures of nanomaterials, or perhaps more generally some theoretical computational approaches to understanding interactions of nanomaterials/small molecules and high energy (keV to MeV) radiation. I'm...
  15. nervousring

    Other Book list for a person with lots of interest in Physics?

    I'm sorry if you get this question often. I wish there was a definitive list at the top of Google searches but there wasn't. I want to learn physics from textbooks. I know basics of Trigonometry. I went through a third of Kline's calculus and found it doable and enjoyable. I also tried Spivak...
  16. korwynkim

    Intro Physics General introductory physics books compared to specific books on each topic

    What exactly is the difference in the way an general physics book (Halliday and Resnick, Young and Freedman) covers topics like mechanics, EM, and thermodynamics, compared to respective books like Kleppner and Kolenkow, Griffiths, and Schroeder, other than the amount of material covered for each...
  17. Falgun

    Prob/Stats Looking for a probability and statistics textbook

    I want to learn some probability & statistics on my own. I am well versed in Calc 1-3 , elementary ODEs and very little linear algebra. I want a comprehensive , introductory textbook which is NOT COOKBOOK STYLE. I might be self studying AP statistics next term so if the book covers everything I...
  18. H

    Quantum Elements of Modern Physics book recommendations?

    Hello, undergrad Physics student here. I have a course called "Elements of Modern Physics" this semester. Looking for some good book recommendations. Note that I need a book for self-study as I have decided to skip out on lectures because they are online right now and combined with a bad prof...
  19. sahilmm15

    Algebra Book recommendations for Algebra-2 and Pre-Calculus

    I need some book recommendations or free online courses for Algebra-2 and Pre calculus. The books should be central to problem solving but also have some ample amount of basics covered in theory. Thanks!
  20. crimeanwarcrimes

    Rigorously covering mathematical prerequisites for Graduate courses

    I am a high school who will be graduating next year. I am almost done with Purcell and Morin which I worked through in my past holidays. However, I am still not proficient in various topics like Linear Algebra, Basic Analysis, and I quite often encounter various new things that I haven't even...
  21. hackedagainanda

    Exploring the World of Mathematics: Book Recommendations for Self-Study

    Hey, PF! I'm currently self-studying math and sometimes when I find the material too dry or technical it helps to have some outside literature to give me the motivation to continue on. I have Joy of X, Men of Mathematics, Mathematical Thought from Ancient to Modern Times, Zero, e: The Story of...
  22. Q

    Book recommendations for learning QM

    Dear All, I am interested in learning quantum mechanics for curiosity. I know the basics from different sources and I've read the Quantum Mechanics (the theoretical minimum) book for Leonard Susskind and Art Friedman. What would you recommend as a book to further understand and learn quantum...
  23. pallab

    Book recommendations for second quantization and Jellium model

    please refer me a good book for the detail step by step study on the second quantization. and also where can I find the jellium model for the metal?
  24. Sizhe

    Finding a Booklist to Learn Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics/Statistical Mechanics

    Hi, guys I have posted this question on StackExchange, but no one seems to care answer. Because I don't think this is a simple textbook question, I start my thread here: I know this is a big question. But as a graduate student, my research is somehow related to nonequilibrium...
  25. Sandeep T S

    A General Relativity Book Recommendations

    Any one please refer some text for general theory of relativity, Also share some link of PDF about GTR
  26. Paola Flores

    Book recommendations on Energy Management

    Hello, I may have to submit an essay on Energy Management and I personally like the topic, because of this I have attended a few talks and conferences where they go over the subject but I feel that maybe a book can go deeper into the material, so I was wondering, do any of you know of any book...
  27. A

    Foundations First year math major, text book recommendations please

    Background: https://translate.google.pl/translate?sl=pl&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.syllabus.agh.edu.pl%2F2018-2019%2Fen%2Fmagnesite%2Fstudy_plans%2Fstacjonarne-inzynieria-mechatroniczna%2Fmodule%2Frme-1-101-s-matematyka-1&edit-text=(mindless applying of 'algorithms'...
  28. Ron Burgundypants

    Classical Book recommendation; magnetism/magnetic entropy related

    I'm looking for a book to help me understand a project I'm working on measuring the magnetocaloric effect. I'd like to understand a bit more about the link between magnetism and entropy. I'm a third year bachelor student so I've studied no quantum mechanics (yet), but I'm not against doing so if...
  29. T

    Other Book recommendations for making guesses, estimates, inferences

    I came across this book 'Street fighting Mathematics, The art of educated guessing and opportunistic problem solving' , by Sanjoy Mahaan, published by MIT press. The book talks about how we can guess some property of the solutions of a number of physics and math problems without actually solving...
  30. U

    Applied Book recommendations for Bifurcation Diagrams

    Hello my friends, I am studying excitability in quantum dot lasers and I see a lot of bifurcation diagrams with saddle node bifurcations, Hopf bifurcations, homoclinic bifurcations, PD bifurcations etc. I know some basic things about non-linear systems but I have never met the notion of...
  31. O

    Atomic Looking for intro to AMO book recommendations

    Hello all. I am looking for a good book to bridge the gap between my undergraduate quantum mechanics and AMO specific topics. For my undergraduate quantum work I read through Griffiths, first volume of Cohen-Tannoujdi, and Shankar. I asked a couple of my professors and they recommended...
  32. A

    High Energy High Energy Physics and Group Theory Book Recommendations

    Hey there! I just want to ask if there are any books you would like to recommend that helps in studying high energy physics and HEP data analysis? Also can you recommend a good book for group theory and symmetry? I would be glad if you have links to free downloadable books. Thanks in advance!
  33. J

    Quantum QFT book recommendations except Peskin/Schroeder

    Hello! Due to the textbook by Peskin and Schroeder being rather old, I was wondering what are other, more pedagogical textbooks on Quantum Field Theory that you would recommend! Any suggestion is appreciated!
  34. M

    I Experimental history of quantum physics

    Hello I have a bunch of issues with the various interpretations of quantum physics. I'd like to dig into it but most textbooks on the topic just throw in your face a bunch of equations and tell you "that's the way it works" Intead, I'm looking for a detailed history of the experiments that led...
  35. daniele1234

    Number Theory Undergraduate Number Theory Book Recommendations

    Hi , everyone! This is my first post/thread/anything on this forum so first I apologise if I slip up or make any mistakes. Anyway, my question is about recommendations for textbooks for Undergraduate Number Theory. So far, I have studied Calculus 1-3 (including things like line integrals...
  36. Wrichik Basu

    Geometry Book Recommendations in Differential Geometry

    I wanted to study General Relativity, but when I started with it, I found that I must know tensor analysis and Differential geometry as prequisites, along with multivariable calculus. I already have books on tensors and multivariable calculus, but can anyone recommend me books on differential...
  37. Wrichik Basu

    Relativity Book Recommendations in General Relativity

    I have read Special Relativity from Resnick and Halliday's book Fundamentals of Physics. Now I want to read general relativity. I tried reading Einstein's book "Principles of Relativity", but sad to say, many things went tangentially above my head because I couldn't follow many equations, as...
  38. Wrichik Basu

    Calculus Book Recommendations in Multivariable Calculus

    I am almost on the verge of completing single-variable Calculus, and I've got a book on the same by I. A. Maron. So, after getting a good grip on single-variable Calculus, I want to start with multivariable. Can anyone recommend me good books on multivariable Calculus with which I could begin...
  39. E

    Looking for physics book recommendations after HS

    Hello I'm new here. I don't know if doing this here is right or not but can someone please recommend good physics books to read? I've completed high school but I want to learn about interesting theories. My recent interests are astrophysics and quantum. If some can please recommend some amazing...
  40. Jianphys17

    Other Question on math methods book

    Hi everyone, which text on methods is better between the following two : 1) https://www.amazon.com/dp/0486691934/?tag=pfamazon01-20 2) https://www.amazon.com/dp/3319011944/?tag=pfamazon01-20
  41. mr.tea

    Algebra Question Regarding Purchasing an Algebra Book

    Hi, I am a math undergraduate major and just finished my first abstract algebra course. Unfortunately, we used the lecturer's notes which are quite dry, without motivation, and it really felt bad. I am really interested in abstract algebra, and thus has decided to re-learn it over the summer...
  42. EspressoDan

    Book recommendations -- layman's physics without the philosophy?

    Hi, I'm reading "Hidden in plain sight". The book, like most other layman's texts has a particular frustration for me. Most layman's book try to relate concepts to human experience with analogous examples. The problem they cause me is that when discussing concepts like time and space the...
  43. Wrichik Basu

    Classical Good Books on Tensors: Recommendations for Undergraduates

    I need a good book on tensors, so that I can understand and get good hold of the topic. Can anyone recommend me a good book, like one used in undergraduate level?
  44. Mzzed

    Nuclear Nuclear Physics Book Recommendations?

    Does anyone have some good recommendations for basic nuclear physics books? I'm not particularly fussed about the detailed maths at the moment but I'm mostly searching for books on neutron radiation and the interaction of different neutron temperatures with different materials. Also anything on...
  45. V

    Seeking book recommendations for studying astrophysics

    Hi! I'm interested in studying astrophysics. I've previously studied the basic concepts about stars, galaxie and black holes. Can anyone recommend some books that would help me learn more about astrophysics?
  46. Faisal Moshiur

    Nuclear Nuclear Physics Book recommendations

    I'm a BS Hons (in Physics) student. We've a course named nuclear physics where we had taken help from book named Elements of Nuclear Physics. However, it seems insufficient to (not elaborately explained) read. So would you please help me with recommendations of books which has plethora of info...
  47. P

    Classical Book recommendations for Boltzmann equation

    Im trying to learn transport processes and the Boltzmann transport equation. What books do you guys recommend for beginners? Thanks!
  48. Avatrin

    Exploring Algorithmic Composition and MIDI Programming with Python

    Python is the only programming language I know, and I know there is a huge library of MIDI music out there. I want to play around with machine learning and algorithmic composition to see what I can produce. So, what books should I read to be able to do this? What I am looking for is: Books to...
  49. N

    Relativity Book Recommendations: Novice-Friendly Special & General Relativity

    Hi, can anyone recommend any good books about special and general relativity for novices? Thanks
  50. O

    Book on thermodynamics for International Physics Olympiad?

    Hi! I'm a junior in high school studying for the IPhO and I've started learning thermodynamics as part of my preparation. I have a guide to the exam that says things like this will be tested: Carnot engine Kirchhoff's law Wien's law Stefan's law Stefan-Boltzmann law Newton's law of cooling...