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Citizen's Briefing Book is a compilation book of recommendations made to President Barack Obama by visitors to the website, given to the President after his January 20, 2009 inauguration. Internet users were able to post recommendations of changes they would like to see made in the United States, and they were also able to vote on other users' recommendations, as well as participate in a comment process.
The Minnesota-based company called Magnet 360 helped develop the functionality, using technology from Co-chair of the Obama-Biden Transition Team, Valerie Jarrett, stated that the Citizen's Briefing Book was a way for the Obama transition process to remain open and transparent. Popular recommendations included ending the prohibition on marijuana use in the United States and the legalization of online poker. Citizen's Briefing Book received positive comments from writers for The Christian Science Monitor and Business Week, and criticism from writers for Chicago Tribune and Indianapolis Business Journal.

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  1. yucheng

    A How are quantum optical experiments designed? ;)

    inspiration: How does one predict the effects of small modifications (ordering of optical devices etc)? In chapter 5 and 6 of A Guide to Experiments in Quantum Optics, the authors deal with...
  2. NODARman

    Please recommend a free pdf book about university-level mathematics for me

    Homework Statement:: Recommend PDF books Relevant Equations:: . Hi, I'm a second-year physics student and my uni doesn't have any study material in the syllabus. Only lectures. I want to learn more. Can you recommend to me a good mathematics pdf book that is about calculus? General topics...
  3. nervousring

    Other Book list for a person with lots of interest in Physics?

    I'm sorry if you get this question often. I wish there was a definitive list at the top of Google searches but there wasn't. I want to learn physics from textbooks. I know basics of Trigonometry. I went through a third of Kline's calculus and found it doable and enjoyable. I also tried Spivak...
  4. korwynkim

    Intro Physics General introductory physics books compared to specific books on each topic

    What exactly is the difference in the way an general physics book (Halliday and Resnick, Young and Freedman) covers topics like mechanics, EM, and thermodynamics, compared to respective books like Kleppner and Kolenkow, Griffiths, and Schroeder, other than the amount of material covered for each...
  5. Falgun

    Prob/Stats Looking for a probability and statistics textbook

    I want to learn some probability & statistics on my own. I am well versed in Calc 1-3 , elementary ODEs and very little linear algebra. I want a comprehensive , introductory textbook which is NOT COOKBOOK STYLE. I might be self studying AP statistics next term so if the book covers everything I...
  6. crimeanwarcrimes

    Rigorously covering mathematical prerequisites for Graduate courses

    I am a high school who will be graduating next year. I am almost done with Purcell and Morin which I worked through in my past holidays. However, I am still not proficient in various topics like Linear Algebra, Basic Analysis, and I quite often encounter various new things that I haven't even...
  7. Sizhe

    Book(s) to fill the gap from intro thermo to nonequilibrium thermodynamics/statistical mechanics

    Hi, guys I have posted this question on StackExchange, but no one seems to care answer. Because I don't think this is a simple textbook question, I start my thread here: I know this is a big question. But as a graduate student, my research is somehow related to nonequilibrium...
  8. Ron Burgundypants

    Classical Book recommendation; magnetism/magnetic entropy related

    I'm looking for a book to help me understand a project I'm working on measuring the magnetocaloric effect. I'd like to understand a bit more about the link between magnetism and entropy. I'm a third year bachelor student so I've studied no quantum mechanics (yet), but I'm not against doing so if...
  9. U

    Applied Book recommendations for Bifurcation Diagrams

    Hello my friends, I am studying excitability in quantum dot lasers and I see a lot of bifurcation diagrams with saddle node bifurcations, Hopf bifurcations, homoclinic bifurcations, PD bifurcations etc. I know some basic things about non-linear systems but I have never met the notion of...
  10. M

    I Experimental history of quantum physics

    Hello I have a bunch of issues with the various interpretations of quantum physics. I'd like to dig into it but most textbooks on the topic just throw in your face a bunch of equations and tell you "that's the way it works" Intead, I'm looking for a detailed history of the experiments that led...
  11. Jianphys17

    Other Question on math methods book

    Hi everyone, which text on methods is better between the following two : 1) 2)
  12. mr.tea

    Algebra Question Regarding Purchasing an Algebra Book

    Hi, I am a math undergraduate major and just finished my first abstract algebra course. Unfortunately, we used the lecturer's notes which are quite dry, without motivation, and it really felt bad. I am really interested in abstract algebra, and thus has decided to re-learn it over the summer...
  13. Wrichik Basu

    Classical A good book on tensors

    I need a good book on tensors, so that I can understand and get good hold of the topic. Can anyone recommend me a good book, like one used in undergraduate level?
  14. Avatrin

    Python Programming MIDI with Python

    Python is the only programming language I know, and I know there is a huge library of MIDI music out there. I want to play around with machine learning and algorithmic composition to see what I can produce. So, what books should I read to be able to do this? What I am looking for is: Books to...
  15. O

    Book on thermodynamics for International Physics Olympiad?

    Hi! I'm a junior in high school studying for the IPhO and I've started learning thermodynamics as part of my preparation. I have a guide to the exam that says things like this will be tested: Carnot engine Kirchhoff's law Wien's law Stefan's law Stefan-Boltzmann law Newton's law of cooling...
  16. Bran

    B Book recommendations for Big Bang Model?

    A recent discussion at the Expanding from and eventually to a singularity thread has been both interesting and informative, and it has shown me very clearly that I would benefit from a few good books, rather than the piecemeal approach I've been taking to understanding singularities and the Big...
  17. J

    Good rigorous books on QM

    Upon searching in this forum, i have found discussions about the standard undergraduate textbooks on QM not being so good in teaching you the foundations properly. A good example is the difference between Hermitian and self-adjoint operators. Some people are saying that we should study QM from a...
  18. P

    Analysis Good supplementary real analysis book

    So the course I'm taking doesn't have a textbook requirement just lecture notes as the study material. While these are sufficient I would like to supplement with an outside reference that is a bit more in depth / explanatory. It's your typical undergrad real analysis course covering: The least...
  19. D

    Book or free video course on alternator design

    Hi All, Does anyone perhaps now of a book or free video course on alternator design, Like where I can learn about how to design alternators? Sorry if I posted the question in the wrong "apartment" of the site. Thanks Dilan
  20. G

    Linear Algebra Book recommendations: Linear algebra

    Homework Statement What books of completely solved problems (free in pdf) in linear algebra would you suggest? Please suggest books that have solved problems, and not theory. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  21. ujjwal3097

    Learning the German language

    Hi i wanted to learn a new language probably German ,can anyone please give me advice about books and other resources .I am planning to learn two -three languages by next august( 2016). after December 12th (after completing my college application and stuff) i can spend straight 7 hours a day in...