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Books that explain differential equations in terms of complex variable theory?

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    so I know that complex variable theory is VERY relevant to the field of differential equations. The question is - are there any good not-extremely-abstruse books on differential equations that actually EXPLICITLY use complex variables?

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    Chris Hillman

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    Many topics in differential equations are best treated in the complex domain. Obvious examples include elliptic functions, hypergeometric equations, Painleve transcendents, and differential Galois theory. Try:

    Jones and Singerman, Complex Functions, Cambridge University Press.

    Harold T. Davis, Introduction to Nonlinear Differential Equations and Integral Equations, Dover.

    Here are two odd ducks!:

    Anonymous, Advanced Methods for Solving Differential Equations, REA, 1982. (Might be hard to obtain.)

    Michio Kuga, Galois's Dream, Birkhauser.
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    INCE, E.L Ordinary Differential Equations, Dover.
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