Brain, biology, biophysics, computational neuroscience, brain-comp interface

  1. Here's my background:

    Completing an engineering M.S. this year. I've done a lot of programming and building systems of ode/pde, neural networks, finite & discrete element models, hydraulic networks.

    I like coding and computer models very much. My problem is the research topics are uninspiring...mostly mechanical engineering applications looking at strengths, stresses, displacements, pressures, etc.

    I really want to work in more dynamic systems. I dream of exploring modeling and engineering in biology...but unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to take a bio-related course in university yet.

    Something that really interests me are ways of getting a computer model and real physical system to communicate, perhaps by multielectrode array, MEM swarm, new imaging technique, etc.

    But these are just dreams right I need some practical guidance on what is out there and where to start. Thank you in advance.
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  3. Hi,
    why don't you look into Brain Imaging? It's typically research that's done within the context Biomedical Engineering.
    Some of the research can involve modelling Brain function.
    A lack of biology background can be excused as one typically focuses on the engineering part of it and the knowledge gaps can be filled in with time.
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