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Branched-line pumping system curve help!

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    Hi all,

    I am a student trying to figure out the system curve for a pipe line system. I know how to calculate friction loss for just one flow, but not for a system of branched flow!

    I read a short article online saying that for parallel pipes the friction head is the same for all branches, so in my understanding that I only need to figure out the system curve for one line and then multiply by the number of lines to obtain the total system curve? but I am not sure if the "parallel pipes" system is the same one that I am trying to work on!

    I have a quick simplified sketch attached here. In the drawing, the two pumps are running in parallel and the flow is delivered unevenly to 5 destination places. The static head is zero as in there is no elevation difference between the suction side and any of the destination places. I only have the means to measure pipe length, fittings and current flow rate for branch A and B, as well as the pressure at Destination A and B in the drawing here. Is the process for figuring out the system curve the same as described in the last paragragh, which I figure out the system for A and B, add them together and multiply by 4?


    Please help me how to figure all the system curve!

    Thank you!
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