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Homework Help: Bullet acceleration homework problem

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    Hi..guys i have question again i guess you gone help me out here is the question

    1. A bullet of mass 0.0016 kg moving at 535m/s impacts a large fixed block of wood and travel 5.9 cm before coming to rest.
    Assuming that the acceleration of the bullet is constant ,find the force exerted by the wood on the bullet. answer in units of KN.

    here is what i did .
    change cm to m.
    then I try to find acceleration using the v^2 = v^2 + 2ah

    after i found the acceleration i plug to F = ma
    change N to KN.

    but my answer was wrong .......
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    Re: problem

    Hi kmikias,

    What numbers did you use, and what answer did you get?
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