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Business Statistics or Calc 1 w/ analytical

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    Hey I am transfering to the University of Florida next semester. Which one of these classes is easier? Business Statistics or Calc 1 w/ analytical geometry? I want to go higher up in Math and I was thinking calc 1 w/ analytical might help me before I take Business Statistics?

    Right now I am signed for the Stats class for the fall but if calc 1 is easier and will help me in that one then I will switch my schedule and make it so i take business statistics next semester. I have already taken: trig, pre-calc and survey of calc. All were fairly easy.
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    Hey! I am gonna be a junior at UF in the fall. You'll have a blast here.
    Since you said
    you should definitely take Analytic Geometry and Calculus I (MAC 2311). I'd suggest taking it with Dr. Edwards.

    However, what's your major? And is there even a class called "Business Statistics"? Are you talking about STA 2023 (intro to stats)? or QMB 3250 (stats for business decisions)? Either way, STA 2023 is a prereq for QMB 3250.
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    That's awsome! Have you been there since a freshmen? What's your major?

    I took intro to stats, I meant stats for business decisions. My major is finance and I need that class for my major. So do you think it would be better to take calc 1 w/ anyalytical before I take the qmb class?

    Thanks man.
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    Anyone else know if calc1 w/ analytical is a good class to take before stats for business decisions?
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