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‘But Genesis is not a science textbook’

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    Of course isn't. Unrepeatable events are as much away from science than any other unrepeating event. But if it has a tendency to repeat sooner, than scientists can understand it (F=ma, gravity, bending of light, etc.). Historians will have a ball with events that cannot possibly be repeated (ex. JFK assassination, 6BC, etc).
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    There's no scientific OR historical evidence that anything remakable happened in 6BC (at least not in Gallili). There's a storybook about it, two in fact, and a whole lot of speculation by interested parties, but that doesn't amount to history, it's more like a conspiracy theory!
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    sorry, but, what genesis are you talking about?
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    I'm as lost as you are.

    And when has non-repeatable events become unscientific? Last I heard, people are still studying the big bang.
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    Sorry dude, can't tell what you're trying to say here. Gotta try again.
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