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Buying/building piezoelectric sensors and actuators?

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    Has anyone worked with piezoelectric materials before? Currently starting research work with them and totally new to these materials...
    I'm currently looking to buy CHEAP *non-toxic* piezoelectric PVDF and ceramics. Goodfellow seems to have PVDF, but paradoxically the website says it's a toxic irritant. For some reason I seem to recall that PVDF is naturally nontoxic.
    Anyways, for the PVDF polymer, I'm preferably looking for cheap films that can eventually be incorporated into a sensor.
    For the ceramics, not sure how this will work but is it possible to buy raw ceramics and make it into an actuator yourself? Has anyone tried this before, any tips/insight?

    Would really appreciate it if anyone could suggest any websites that sell this stuff <$100? Even better if you think they would offer free samples. Thanks so much in advance!
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    Yes, quite a few...

    About PVDF, I believe it's essentially non-toxic. Maybe Goodfellow refers to fumes if it's overheated, or to dust if manage to inhale or ingest it. Do you know to interpret a safety data sheet?

    Toxicity isn't the first thought when considering piezo materials... Do you have special constraints, like implant you object as a prothesis in a patient? If it's a door ring people don't care about toxicity of a solid material.

    I'm a bit surprised you consider making a sensor by yourself but ignore how. You'd better buy a sensor: all exist already, and hugely better and cheaper than what you might achieve in a uncertain future after learning the hard way how to do it. Have a look at Murata, TDK, FGP and so many more.
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