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Buying Digital Voice Recorder for Lectures

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    I'm definetly thinking about buying a digital voice recorder to tape my lectures. I wanted some that could hook up to a laptop and that I could listen to with headphones. Is this possible. I've never done this so I don't know where to look. Does anyone have a brand or model of preference?
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    Dr Transport

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    Isn't there a recorder in Windows???? Hook up a mic and go to town while typing or writing notes.

    I used a tape player in grad school for some of my courses, my Relativity prof even stopped so I could flip the tape. In exchange, he used my notes the next time he taught the course.
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    Haha that's pretty awesome about your prof. I could only wish to develop that kind of relationship with a prof. It would help on grad school recommendations, I'm sure.
    Would Windows voice recorder even work that well though? I suppose that would just depend on the type of mic, right?
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