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C++ programming(access to sound card)

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    hello,How can I access to sound card in lcc? I mean getting data and so on.could you give a simple example? thanks
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    If you have never done that before programming sound card at the IO level will be hard. I would look for sound libraries or OS API. A lot depends on what you plan to do.

    What operating system do you use?
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    DirectSound Wrapper Classes
    in http://www.codeproject.com/KB/directx/dsoundwc.aspx
    But I think this code need Directsound and visual c++ not the compiler as you mentioned LCC.

    and there are many stuffs in the "www.codeproject.com ", you can just dig into this site.
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    Thanks, My OS is windows xp 32bit. actually I need a prepared C library which can be used in lcc-win32. My project is quite simple; It should recieve in each instant the intensity of an external sound from mic, doing some quick processess, and after that send an calculated intensity to speaker immediately.
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    I am doing the same job as yours. Could you please guide me how to read sound card online in windows xp. my aim is to process the data afterwards.

    Many thanks
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