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Cal Poly Pomona or UCLA for Aerospace Engineering?

  1. Apr 18, 2015 #1

    I'm trying to decide between Cal Poly Pomona and UCLA for Aerospace Engineering. I'm wondering specifically about classroom dynamics and professor-student relationships. I'm ready to transfer and I have already been admitted into both universities. Any information and advice is helpful! Feel free to ask me personal questions if you need some more information about me to tailor your response.

    Thank you
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    Not having any personal experience with either of the schools, I can tell you that a degree from UCLA will go much much further than one from Cal Poly Pomona. It's kind of like asking, "Should I go to Princeton or Oklahoma State?" Strictly speaking, Oklahoma State isn't a bad school, and you very well may get a great education there, but from a practical standpoint, when you go to look for jobs, is the employer going to linger over the resume with "Princeton, GPA: 3.5" at the top, or "Oklahoma State University, GPA: 4.0?" Plenty of people (probably on this forum) will tell you that they've met real idiots from Ivy League schools, and geniuses without high school degrees, and this very well may be true, but I guarantee you more of the Ivy Leaguers are gainfully employed than the high school dropouts. It's a sad/practical fact of life.
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    I agree with TeethWhitener, a fancy name will at least make it easier for you to get your first job. And sometimes that is all ( or much of what) you need to succeed. But you need to measure that against the debt you will end up with after graduation.
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    Money is not an issue - I have worked enough to pay my way through college (being married young also helps).

    I can see what you two are saying, and sadly, I do agree. I would like for my choice to strictly involve the quality of education I would receive, but I guess that that is also highly subjective.
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