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Calculate dilution to create new specific gravity

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    I am trying to make specific gravity controls using ethylene glycol and DI water.

    Ethylene glycol has a specific gravity of 1.113. I want to know the weight in grams of EG to add and then QS with water to achieve 50 ml of a solution with a specific gravity of 1.002. I need a formula please.

    P.S. I know EG is a liquid - I will weigh it as I add it to a volumetric container so I can dispense the correct amount of EG.

    Thanks so much for your help.
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    Assuming ideal solution behavior (not a given), and T = 298 K, and other things ----- get the picture?
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    There is no exact formula, as volumes are not additive. If you need controls, you need accuracy, that means using density tables.
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