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Calculate evenly distributed force on a beam

  1. Feb 12, 2013 #1
    If you have a beam with a force q evenly distributed on top of it, would this

    ƩMA= 0 B*3,3-Cy*5,5-q*4,3*2,15=0

    or this

    ƩMA=0 B*3,3-Cy*5,5-q*4,3*2,15*3,35=0

    be the right way to set up the moment point calculations? Basically what I'm unsure of is if I must incorporate the distance from q to the moment point in A and if so to use the entire distance q is working on+the distance from the beginning of q to point A, or to use the distance from the median of q to point A....

    Hastily drawn up figure in order to illustrate what I mean:

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    It is from the median (CG of the load) to A but you didn't calculate that distance correctly, or maybe just a typo error
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