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Calculate heating element size

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    Hi everyone

    I need to heat up an area 0.5m^3 (100cm x 100cm x 50cm).

    Would anybody know of any formulas I could use to calculate what wattage heating element id need to heat this area up to 100 degrees C within say 30 minutes.

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    If you know the mass of this block and the Specific heat capacity of the material you can calculate the amount of energy needed. If this is supplied in 30 mins you can calculate the power.
    eg. If the material has a density of 7000kg/m^3 then its mass will be 0.5 x 7000 =3500kg
    If its SHC is 500J/kg then 3500 x 500 x 100(temp change) Joules are needed = 1.75 x 10^8 J This energy supplied in 30 mins means a power of 1.75 x 10^8/(30x60)
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