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B Calculation of heat loss by Degree C/minute.

  1. Dec 9, 2016 #1
    Hi i was thinking about how to calculate the temperature lost by Degree Celsius per minute and was wondering if you had the surface area of the object, its initial temperature, a constant flow rate of air around the object and probably also need some coefficient of heat loss based on the material.

    With all of these variables could i then do the calculation? and what is the math that i would half to use? could some one link formulas please would be awesome of you nameless person in the future...

    I ask this not for school but my own curiosity, i like thinking about how to calculate things but dont know much math in physics.

    Also does sold matter lose heat at a constant rate no matter the temperature? ( I ask because there only so much air that can surround an object at a given time).
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