Calculate Mass Of Shaft and Hollow Shaft

  1. Hi, i have a shaft with OD = 33.40mm Wall Thickness = 3.38 mm length = 2.4m

    Density of shaft = 2750

    The weight per unit length that is given is 0.8555 kg/m

    My question is how did they get it as im using the volume formula for a cylinder which is

    V=Pie*h(R^2 - r^2) then i times this by the density 2750 to get the mass but i get

    1.111 which then divided by 2.4 would be 0.463.

    Where am i going wrong.

    Thanks for any help
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  3. Check you're using the correct numbers, and remember that the inner diameter is the outer diameter minus twice the wall thickness. That caught a few folks in my class out.
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