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Calculate shadow path & size + object size based on distance

  1. Apr 30, 2014 #1
    What are the variables I need to take in account if I want to calculate shadow path and size?

    I will try to simplify my questions.

    I have a 2d circle (radius: 28) which means the size of the circle (in box) is 56x56 at specific point (lets say 300,300).

    I tell the 2d circle to go in specific path, lets say from 300,300 to 300,200.

    I want to tell its shadow what path to do based on the 2d circle path.

    ofcourse the size of the ball need to be calculated aswell..

    I guess I need some extra variables because I am talking about 3d space in 2d.. (lets say the "sun" is always above the ball so u dont need to calculate its degrees from the "sun", only its distance)

    I am pretty sure it's possible but I have no idea how to calculate and what extra variables I need...

    Hopefully you understood what I want, if u didnt just tell me which part and I will try to re-explain or something.

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