Calculate the Efficiency of a Winston Cone

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How can I calculate radiation transfer efficiency of a Winston cone, assuming a constant efficiency for every reflection at 99% and that the source is perfectly diffuse and covers completely the wider entrance of the cone? Also, are there more efficient non-imaging radiation concentrators with as wide acceptance angle as the Winston cone?
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I think it might require numerical integration along the surfaces of the reflector, with geometrical optics/angle of incidence =angle of reflection. Since it is non-imaging, the usual equations that are used for image formations do not apply. ## \\ ## Additional note: I had first heard of these non-imaging reflectors about 20 years ago in some optics work I was doing at the company that I was employed at. There were even what I would call false claims from some people who were promoting them that the Winston reflectors actually exceeded the theoretical maximum efficiency that results from the brightness theorem. They may have found some very efficient non-imaging optics, but I am very skeptical of any claims of this sort.

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