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Calculate the total reflectance on a surface

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    I have a structure and I can calculate the reflection from the surface (S11 or S21)with different incidence angle.

    Now I would like to calculate the total reflectance of the hemisphere above the surface.. how can I integrate them all ?
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    What is the context of the question? I'm thinking that I should move this thread to a better matched forum instead of EE?
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    the context is the reflection of electromagnetic wave, isn't it belongs here _?
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    If I read your question correctly, it is more about reflection at the atomic level, not the macroscopic level that EEs typically work at. Is this question for school, or for work? If for school, which class is it for? That would help me figure out where to put your question.
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    No, I don't think this has anything to do with atoms. Sound like the question might be related to e.g. antennas.

    Let me see if I understand the question.
    You know S11(theta,phi), where theta and phi are the angles in spherical coordinates.

    Are you asking what S11 would be for an isotropic source of EM radiation?
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    It is not a antenna question.. The S11 or S21 is just to describe the reflection and transmission.

    So now I am investigated the angle dependent transmission through a photonic crystal structure. ( with incident beam - wide range of freq). Now i need to know how can I calculate the total reflectance from the surface of my structure

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