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Homework Help: Calculate the wave speed in each string

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    In Fig. 17-30a, string 1 has a linear density of 2.30 g/m, and string 2 has a linear density of 4.10 g/m. They are under tension owing to the hanging block of mass M = 500 g.

    (a) Calculate the wave speed in each string.
    m/s (speed in string 1)
    m/s (speed in string 2)

    (b) The block is now divided into two blocks (with M1 + M2 = M) and the apparatus rearranged as shown in Fig. 17-30b. Find M1 and M2 such that the wave speeds in the two strings are equal.
    g (mass of M1)
    g (mass of M2)

    why wouldn't the speed in string 1 be given by the sqr root of (500*9.8)/(4.1)?

    Thanks for any help.
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    A mass of 500g is five hundred grams not five hundred times g. Remember mass is not a force.

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