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Homework Help: Calculating Gauge Pressure Have I worked it correctly?

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    Simple Gauge Pressure Question

    (a) Calculate the gauge pressure (it does not include atmosphereric P) required to compress pure water from 1.000 L to 989 mL. Give an answer in both N/m^2 and psi, lb/in^2.

    (b) What height in meters and feet of a 1x1 cm^2 steel bar (density=7.86 g/cm^3) is required to exert the pressure found in part (a)?

    3.Work and answers in the attached file.

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    Hi, you seem to have posted the same question three times in different forums. I had given you an answer yesterday. If you didn't find my answer helpful. you could have just said so and others would have come forward to help you. Here's what I'd written.

    a. Use the formula for bulk modulus. B = delta P/(delta v)/v. B for water is 2.2*10^9 N/m^2.

    I hope the other answers will follow.

    Where are you getting stuck?

    Oh, I see that you have enclosed your work. We'll see it as soon as it's clear for approval.
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