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I Calculating signal to noise ratio for deimos data

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    I'm currently working with the 1d DEEP2 DEIMOS fits files (see http://deep.ps.uci.edu/deep3/specprimer.html) and am trying to define some exclusion criteria in Python 2.7 for the data based on the noise. What's the best way to quantify the noise in order to do this?

    Thank you!
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    Calculate the RMS value?
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    I should have added, a lot of the data is showing very odd and unpredictable behaviour. I'm unsure how to edit the original question, however I was hoping to find a more general method to both discount noisy data and bad data which fluctuates unpredictably. Some have sudden, repeated drops to zero flux, some have fluxes which appear symmetric about the flux = 0 line, some look like step functions, etc.
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    when separating data that originates in instrumentation, from data that is due to measurement of real things.

    develop and justify a theory of what the instrumentation does to the data.

    develop corrections that follow exactly that theory.
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