Calculating the number of moles of air

  1. BY only given the mass of air in a certain sample, how would one calculate the number of moles of air in the sample?

    n = m / mass per mole

    however, whats mass per mole? and how would you solve for it? thanks.
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  3. Determine the molar mass of air, then use mass/molar mass to figure out the moles of air, then utilize that as you wish.
  4. yea, thats exactly what im trying to figure out. How do you find the molar mass of air?
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    To solve for mass per mole (a.k.a molar mass) you need to know the composition of the air. What is air made out of? How would you find the molar mass of hydrogen, oxygen, or carbon? (hint: it's all in the periodic table).
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