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Calculation for injection molding

  1. Aug 1, 2010 #1
    Hi all,

    Here are some questions for injection molding:
    1. How to calculate total mold volume?
    2. How to calculate how many parts can be produced?
    2. How to calculate clamping force?

    Further details of the question is in the attachment.

    Thx for any answers might given. ^^

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    1. How can you be in that class if you don't know how to calculate volume?

    2. What does density times volume equal?

    3. What does surface area times pressure equal?
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    Just a note of this, when you are learning something new you can tend to overthink the problem. This has happenend to me before, I have been thinking so hard about a problem that the very basics escape me.

    On saying that, I did expect the geometry to be slightly more complicated when I read the title.
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