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Calculus book for specific topics

  1. Mar 5, 2012 #1
    I have searched the mainstream books thomas calculus, steward and lots other like apostols,rudin etc.
    I was given two books in my college called analysis and applications but it is in greek written by an old local proffessor . It is 1600 pages total 2 volumes..

    However the second book has these topics.

    Arithmetical Methods

    Improper integrals (30 pages theory + 75 pages excercises)
    -first,second,third type
    -convergence tests
    -parametrical improper integrals
    -gamma and betta functions

    Laplace transform

    Series of functions

    Two variable functions

    Double integrals

    Multiple variable functions

    However i didnt find any book that has 75 pages with excersices for improper integrals only! Each chapter has tons of excercises.The problem is that most of them dont have solutions.

    But couldnt find another book. Searched analysis books but they didnt even mentioned these stuff.Searched calculus and advanced calculus but no luck..

    Is there any reccomendation that has lots of excercises with solutions ?
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    You should reconsider Apostol's Calculus Volume 1 and Volume 2. They cover most of the topics you listed in depth. Although they don't contain 75 pages of exercises on improper integrals, they build up the theory so that you can apply the theory to any suitable problem. There are some computational exercises too, though, most of which contain solutions in the back of the book.
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