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Intro Physics Which book to read the summer before starting Physics?

  1. Jun 5, 2016 #1
    I'm starting my 1st year of Physics at university in September.

    Although I've learnt a lot of single variable Calculus and various topics of Physics this year, I'd like to get a general overview of the topics touched in a 1st Physics course at uni.

    I just wonder if there's an equivalent to those Calculus books like "Calculus made easy" but for Physics, something that gives you a shallow overview of the subject in no more than a few hundred pages, but still gives you an introduction.
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    The Feynman lectures would be a good place for a nice overview, I think. They're hosted for free on Caltech's website.
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    Alonso and Finn: Fundamentals of University Physics. The author gives a very thorough explanation on the physics ideas. He knows how to tie everything together. The problems can be quite challenging. These books can be considered a good supplementary to the upper division courses.
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