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Calculus I review for Calculus II

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    I'm scheduled to take Calculus II this Fall semester, but it will have been over a year since I'd taken Calculus I. I am aware that I need to review, but what are some are the major concepts I should review to adequately prepare for the infamous Calc II?
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    Derivatives and limits, so the two biggies. Also make sure you're well versed in trig. I.E. Trig derivatives and identities.

    It should be noted that it varies from school to school, L'Hospital's rule for example, I learned that in Cal I at one school, ad then again in Cal II at another school.
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    Ok thanks, Yea I learned L'Hospital's rule in Calc I. I have a whole textbook for review but just want to review only the major concepts. So I'll get the hang of those derivatives and limits again.
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    If you've got the textbook, I'd just go through and see what concepts you do remember and which you don't.
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    I would say that Calculus II is fairly different from both Calculus I and III (which I felt were similar). Having a strong basis in integration is good for Calc. II though, you'll learn more advanced methods of integration. If I remember correctly, differentiation isn't all that much harder if you've already learned L'Hôpital's.

    To be honest, Calculus II was a lot of summation, which I haven't really used that much (EE, so I've been using a lot of the information from Calculus III).
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    In many calculus sequences, the first course deals with differentiation, the second course with integration, and the third with infinite series and things like line and surface integrals. The most important thing before learning the integration part is having a solid understanding of differentiation.
    That last sentence doesn't make much sense. You can't use L'Hopital's Rule without already knowing how to differentiate. In any case, L'Hopital's Rule is used primarily for limits, not for differentiating functions.
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    I second these. It's not how you perform the derivatives etc. It's the definitions, the very basics. Like what is a derivative, the definition of limits, Rollies, L'Hospital's, Mean value...........All the basics.
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    Pretty much this. It does vary school to school, but at least brush up some on trig.

    I just skimmed through this, but it looks pretty decent, so I'd give it a go. You could also look up YouTube videos.

    Yes, maybe even perhaps grab a textbook and look through it while doing some practice problems.

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