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Precalc topics that are essential in calculus 3

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    I will be taking calc3 a semester from now. I will take linear algebra this upcoming semester, so i have a bit of time to prepare for calc.

    what are Precal topics that are essential in calculus 3? reading the class description, it seems more geometric than calc 1 and 2.

    Also, what are the best methods to learn/review these precal topics in preparation for calc 3?
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    The notion of a vector is probably the most important non-calculus based idea you will need. Trig is also extremely important. If you are taking linear algebra, the vector info will be taken care of. You should review dot products, cross products, determinants, and matrix algebra, but like I said, all these ideas are covered in a basic linear algebra course. You should also review the notion of parametric equations. That is pretty much the working non-calculus ideas you will need. Of course, EVERYTHING from cal 1 and cal 2 will also be needed. Depending on the rigor of the course, you may or may not need taylor series.
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    Everything you study in Pre-Calculus will be needed in the Calculus sequence of courses. A good Pre-Calculus course will also include an introduction to Limits.
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    Why would you prepare for calc 3 by studying precalc? Isn't it more logical to review calculus and to make sure you know it cold? Anyway, to answer your question, it's probably trigonometry that you should focus on, since a lot of calc 3 questions will be made a lot easier by trigonometry.
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