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Calculus, Stewart - Calculus both Single & Multivariable?

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    Calculus, Stewart - "Calculus" both Single & Multivariable?

    There are are several different texts so i'm confused. I have "Calculus", does it include both Single & Multivariable?
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    Well if it says Stewarts Calculus and Context, than that is single variable.
    It covers Calc. I-III
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    if you have the 5th edition check chapter 15, I believe that is the multivariable chapter.
    Or just check for a chapter that covers multiple integrals, double/tripple
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    yes it does. i figured multiple integrals implied "multi-variable" but i didn't wanna assumeee bc "lkjsdlfkds" well you know the quote ;) thanks!
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