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Calculus Textbook for Microbiology major

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    What calculus textbook do you recommend for microbiology major or other biology majors?
    I heard good things about Stewart, Spivak, Larson, and other legendary calculus textbooks, but I do not know which one is suited for the microbiology major. I really like to have one that is focused on the application of calculus and one that includes multivariable calculus and differential equations.

    Thank you very much in advance!
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    I don't recall the name of the text book (sorry it's currently on the other side of the country) But in first year engineer we bought an engineer math text book. We've used it in 4 different courses.
    Linear alegbra,
    Multivarible Calc,
    and reg Calc.

    Something to look into as the one book might cover a good range of what you're looking for
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