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News California faces a $25 billion budget shortfall

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    Re: California

    What about the article do you find interesting?
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    Re: California

    That California, unless they get some form of aid from the US Government, may fail.

    My state is still battling budget cuts. Are yours?
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    Re: California

    In NY, the democrats and republicans are fighting over which party is the majority in the state legislature. The legislature is split 31-31 after 2 democrats defected to the republicans, then one democract switched back and rejoined the democrats.

    Not only is the state struggling with budgets, but so are the local county, town and municipal governments. All the local and state institutions seem to be expecting the federal government to bail them out.

    It seems like the US economy cannot afford to operate?

    Or is it too many people with not enough jobs, or rather jobs that pay well enough to maintain a standard of living to which many people aspire?
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    Re: California

    California voters chose that course this past month. I have no sympathy for them.
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    Re: California

    Same here. They made their bed, now they have to sleep in it.
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    Re: California

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    Re: California

    Wow, it looks like it's really hitting the fan in Cali. We shouldn't bail them out but no matter what the whole US is going to take a hit from this.
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    Re: California

    California voters told their representatives that they want them to start taking some responsibility for their spending habits instead of constantly eating more tax hikes to cover their ***es for them. The legislature spends more and more money every year never knowing where they are going to get it then they turn around and raise taxes. We make more money than any other state in the union and our reps cant spend it fast enough.
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