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Can a jet of steam be used to heat drinks quickly?

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    hello..i was reading some where that a jet of steam releases latent heat when it condenses.this idea can be used to heat drinks quickly..

    i understand that on condensation 1 kg of steam at 100 C should release 2300000 Joules of heat but what should be the conditions for this to happen?what environment.and how can this ACTUALY be used to heat drinks?by blowing jets of steam over jugs of drinks?...
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    Steam is used in baby-bottle warmers. Drop a few cc of water on the heating element, rapidly boil the water, heat the bottle. Takes about a minute to raise the temp of 4oz from 35F to 90F. Could easily be scaled up.
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    yeah but how is a jet of steam produced and used to heat drinks?..
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