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Can a Nuclear Detonation be Channeled?

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    I admit before even posting, that i have no formal qualifications at all regarding any form of Science.. I am just a person with a very keen interest in various fields and eager to learn the answers!!

    Im aware that this question might have been answered elsewhere, but my Question is Simple: Can a Nuclear Detonation be Channeled for the Purposes of Space flight Propulsion?

    If i may expand on the idea i had in my head.. The idea was to "Channel" the detonation through a series of Magnetically charged tubes to "Vent" the Heat discharge (forgive the wrong terminology) via a thruster.
    The thought i have, is that albeit it being temporary.. it would generate enough thrust to maneuver a decent sized ship.

    If this would not stand, may i ask someone to explain to me why?
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    An explosion produces high pressures, and most structural materials cannot withstand the high pressures (forces/stresses) of a nuclear explosion at temperature.

    Project Orion involves a nuclear explosion near a giant pusher plate, so it is not 'channeled'.
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    Im very aware of Project Orion, and very sad that the US government did not further the trials..

    I remember reading somewhere on a Different Thread, that the Possibility of some kind of Magnetic field could possibly assist in the theory i have.
    Im aware that the tubes would also require significant cooling as well, so to many the power required would be more than it's worth at the end result.
    I just wondered if it would be Possible.

    In the Sci - Fi Movie sense (Yes, Hollywood does have a way of oddly Inspiring dreams and very out - of - reach theories)
    If people remember Star trek: First Contact, the person responsible for conceiving the Warp Drive - Zephram Cochrane. He Built his Ship out of a intact ICBM
    and successfully achieved the dream through exactly this.

    The "Warp Bubble" was a kind of Magnetic Umbrella (this is my Analogy of the theory)

    I guess that it is very out of reach to obtain that kind of achievement so far with our Current technologies, But again just wondered if it could be Possible....
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    We discuss mainstream science in the technical forums of the PF. We do not allow personal theories or speculation in our technical forums.
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