What is Detonation: Definition and 19 Discussions

Detonation (from Latin detonare 'to thunder down/forth') is a type of combustion involving a supersonic exothermic front accelerating through a medium that eventually drives a shock front propagating directly in front of it. Detonations occur in both conventional solid and liquid explosives, as well as in reactive gases. The velocity of detonation in solid and liquid explosives is much higher than that in gaseous ones, which allows the wave system to be observed with greater detail (higher resolution).
A very wide variety of fuels may occur as gases, droplet fogs, or dust suspensions. Oxidants include halogens, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and oxides of nitrogen. Gaseous detonations are often associated with a mixture of fuel and oxidant in a composition somewhat below conventional flammability ratios. They happen most often in confined systems, but they sometimes occur in large vapor clouds. Other materials, such as acetylene, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide are detonable in the absence of dioxygen.Detonation was discovered in 1881 by two pairs of French scientists Marcellin Berthelot and P. Vieille and Ernest-François Mallard and Henry Louis Le Chatelier. The mathematical predictions of propagation were carried out first by David Chapman in 1899 and by Émile Jouguet in 1905, 1906 and 1917. The next advance in understanding detonation was made by Zel'dovich, von Neumann, and W. Doering in the early 1940s.

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  1. Abheer Parashar

    Rotating Detonation Engine, the future of aviation propulsion?

    Hello everyone, I am Abheer and I am a high school student. Few days back I saw an article about RDEs (Rotating Detonation Engines). The article said it is the future of aviation propulsion. I want to ask, is it really so that RDEs are future or the low/high bypass turbofan engines will continue...
  2. A

    Active burn control by using microwaves to control the detonation of the engine

    I was thinking the other day, would it be possible to have microwaves heat the air fuel mixture to activation point and have the microwaves bounce back off the gas to be picked up by a computer that generates a 3d image. this 3d image could be used to heat the gas up in a uniform way so as to...
  3. M

    Automotive Good books to understand detonation in engines

    Please Suggest me some good books(introductory level) to understand detonation in engines.
  4. Q

    Impact and Detonation Calculations

    Can someone help me to calculate the approximate impact on the Earth (as in a mining explosion), of 1 ton of dynamite. And also the equivalent impact of say a 1 ton rock dropped from 10 meters. Trying to estimate this for writing purposes, I very roughly got: Impact of 1 ton of dynamite, Work...
  5. yangshi

    Rotating detonation engine

    Just trying to understand how efficient RDE's are thermodynamically based on a 2016 paper from Bulat and Volkov titled "Detonation Jet Engine. Part 1 – Thermodynamic Cycle" and a 2013 paper by Nordeen et. al. titled "Thermodynamic Model of a Rotating Detonation Engine": Based on these papers...
  6. F

    Exploring Nuclear Detonation Triggers: A Look into Trinity and Beyond Tests

    I just watched the documentary Trinity and Beyond where it showed footages of nuclear detonations. There were over 300 such tests between 1945 and 1970. Why didn't any accidental nuclear detonations occur in those tests. What kind of triggering device did they use to make the nukes explode? I...
  7. STC4476

    Can a Nuclear Detonation be Channeled?

    I admit before even posting, that i have no formal qualifications at all regarding any form of Science.. I am just a person with a very keen interest in various fields and eager to learn the answers! Im aware that this question might have been answered elsewhere, but my Question is Simple: Can...
  8. N

    Confined Blast Wave propagation

    I'm a little rusty on my physics, so here's the hypothetical: Put HMX prima cord in a long pipeline , say 1000m. If you detonate the prima cord and the pipe has a 3" ID, would the blast wave outrun the HMX detonation velocity of 9100 m/s. If you reduced the ID of the pipe, is there a certain...
  9. Den Webi

    Is there a difference in explosive force between successive explosions?

    Suppose there are two explosive charges in a single casing. The detonation of the charges can be initiated either simultaneously (A) or in succession some milliseconds apart (B). Does A differ from B in respect to the overall explosive force? Can the shock front in B carry more energy in a...
  10. M

    Can we determine the NK nuclear detonation strength?

    News reports have it at 4.9 magnitude and a depth of 1 kilometer The USGS appears to have it at 5.1 and the depth is not currently known accurately. http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Quakes/usc000f5t0.php#details [Broken]...
  11. M

    Pulse Detonation Engine (PDE)

    Hi, I'm new here and I'm really hoping that someone could answer my question. i am trying to design a PDE but the problem about this is that the temperature caused by detonation (3461 K) is so high that it is really difficult to find a suitable material for the detonation chamber and thermal...
  12. N

    Suppression of a detonation

    I´m wondering if it´s possible to suppress a detonation by the use of a big vacuum chamber that "opens" as the detonation starts. I mean, if the vacuum will disturb the expansion of the shock waves by "absorbing" the waves or something like this.
  13. Y

    The Consequences of Nuclear Detonation in Volcanoes

    What happen if we decided to use and detonated a nuclear bomb in any volcanoes?
  14. 1

    Black Hole Detonation Theory: Exploring Possibilities

    I've seen many threads similar, but none addressing this particular theory. I don't know when I came up with this, but I know that a friend of mine, and at least one member of XKCD forums did as well. So... The idea is that there are one or more universes outside our own, though pretty much...
  15. S

    Can Lasers Ignite Fuel/Air Mixture?

    Is it possible to detonate or to ignite a fuel and air mixture using lasers, or a laser pulse, any type of laser, CO2 or other wise ? or is there any possible way of using Lasers for the propulsion of an aircraft, i am already aware of several methods, but they do not include ignite fuel, any...
  16. V

    Hypothetical: Large Thermonuclear Detonation

    I guess this is more a geophysics question, but I was wondering about what the geophysical and atmospheric consequences would be of a single, massive energy release at a single location, caused by the simultaneous detonation of several large thermonuclear bombs or an antimatter explosion...
  17. Ivan Seeking

    News Chance of nuclear detonation in the US

    I think it was during the last NH Democratic debate that the moderator stated that there is a 30-50% chance that a terrorist will successfully detonate a nuclear device in a US city over the next ten years. Did I hear that correctly?
  18. A

    Nuclear detonation in outer space

    What would be the reprocussions of detonating a nuclear device in outer space? Would nothing happen except the explosion... would it create a black hole? Would it become a ball of energy self contained in its own atmosphere?
  19. M

    Pulsed Detonation Evaluation

    What Would Be The Most Appropriate Means For Evaluating The Performance Of A 'pulsed Detonation' Engine Using Hydrogen As A Fuel And Atmospheric Air?