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Homework Help: Can anyone help thermodynamics specific heat

  1. Mar 16, 2007 #1
    Explaining your reasoning, show that the ratio of the specifc heat is

    CP/CV = (DP/DV)s / (DP/DV)t

    hint :use TDS EQUATIONS

    I have used tds equation 3 and tds equation 1 and equated them,but i am stuck because i get to an equation like

    (CP/CV-1)(DT/DV)p = T(DP/DT)v and just do not know how to get to the ratio

    how i used the wrong equations or is it my maths skills,please help:bugeye:
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    We don't know what these equations are. What are TDS equations 1 and 3.
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    CVDT + T(DP/DT)vDV = TDS 1

    CPDT - T(DV/DT)pDP = TDS 2

    CV(DT/DP)vDP + CP(DT/DV)pDV = TDS 3
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