Can anyone tell me what this is?

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In summary, a vintage piece of equipment was found in a science lab and the owner is unsure of its purpose. It appears to be related to optics and may be from the 1960s. Suggestions were made to contact Fisher Scientific or look into the Hartl Optical Disk.
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I found this piece of equipment in my lab. Based on the age of the science lab, and the equipment it was with, I'm guessing that its from the '60s maybe? Can anyone tell me what it is and was used for?
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Looks like it might be for ray tracing through optics. Do you have HeNe lasers in the lab as well?
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We have a laser, but its much newer. This thing was stored by itself with no instructions or other parts
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Does it have any vendor name or other labeling on it?
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You could try contacting Fisher Scientific, which acquired Stansi Scientific, back in '67. I thought it might be an optics item as well because of the shapes that look like converging and diverging lenses.
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I tried contacting Fisher a year or so ago, and I got a nice person who was of no help. My best guess was optics-related too. Thank you.
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