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Can decreasing acceleration be negative acceleration ?

  1. Oct 5, 2012 #1
    Can decreasing acceleration be negative acceleration ?
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    Re: Acceleration

    Yes a decelerating body will have a negative acceleration.
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    Re: Acceleration

    No deceleration is constant not decreasing acceleration
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    Re: Acceleration

    Decreasing acceleration can be, but does not need to be, negative acceleration.

    Example #1: decreasing and negative:

    t = 0, a = -1
    t = 2, a = -2
    t = 3, a = -3

    Example #2: decreasing and positive:

    t = 0, a = 5
    t = 1, a = 4
    t = 2, a = 3
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    Re: Acceleration

    Yeah exactly I agree With you but my teacher insists that I am wrong and claims that decreasing acc cannot be negative acc. Whew !! At least someone has the same thinking as me .
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    Re: Acceleration

    Erm but for your first example acc is increasing right ?
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    Re: Acceleration

    since, acceleration is a vector..it can be negative...

    If the acceleration is against the velocity of the particle..then it is said to be a negative acceleration...
    the sign "negative" simply indicates that acceleration is opposite to velocity vector...
    the "negative" sign has nothing to do with the magnitude of the acceleration ...a negative acceleration just means that it is opposite to the direction of motion..
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